AG Personnel stores the records of all employees and forms the foundation of AGHRM. Below are the features of AG Personnel.

Feature Description
Company Supports multiple company within same portal
Org Unit Supports up to 3 levels of Org Unit within each company
Work Site Supports definition of geolocation of each worksite
Support geo fencing (Up to X metres radius of work site) for mobile attendance
Active Monitoring Monitors 11 HR events (On Boarding, Off boarding, Certification Expiry, etc)
Email notification to administrators, managers (Up to 3 levels)
Org Chart Automatic generation of Organisation structure based on reporting structure
Career/ Salary Progression Capture full career and salary progression of employee
Supports percentage cost allocation
Document centre electronic personnel files for companies
Ideal for organisation who operates across distributed locations
Inter company transfer Intercompany transfer wizard to provide seamless transfer of employees across companies within the group
Reports Around 40 standard reports

Below are some screenshots for this module.