HR outsourcing trend continues to grow as businesses worldwide are stretch to find alternative solutions that will not only increase their revenue line, improve their employees performance and at the same time lower their operation cost.

AGHRM strives to assist companies to manage their employees more effectively by providing a fully integrated payroll and HR solution.

Market trends show that companies who outsource their payroll processing is highly cost effective due to ever changing legislative requirements and evolving business needs.

Through subscribing to AGHRM Payroll Outsourcing, companies’ finance and/or HR resources can be utilized to more productive functions which are more strategic that cannot be outsourced.


  • Business oriented, our team will conduct a business requirement process study to understand your operation requirements and coupled it will the best industry practices.
  • Legislation compliance, statutory obligation is ever changing and it is a heavy investment to keep up with the changes. Outsourcing alleviates such burden.
  • Data security, through outsourcing to a neutral third party service provider, company will be assured that all sensitive data are protected and available only  to authorized administrators. This reduces the risk of any information leakages.
  • Peace of mind, the payroll complexities and services are managed by a team of professional consultants. Your payroll is executed on-time, your employees are paid promptly, and annual returns are submitted correctly.
  • Cost management, save on operation cost by avoiding dedicated in-house resources. Available resources can be deployed for more strategic functions.


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