Workforce Management

Workforce management helps companies to align manpower with operational requirements. Site managers are able to schedule their team online. When employee report to work, the hours worked can be tracked automatically via fingerprint, facial recognition or mobile apps. These information is transmitted to our AGHRM to automatically compute the overtime and other allowance.

Feature Description
1) Scheduling Online scheduling of work shifts by managers
A) Work patterns Unlimited weekly or bi-weekly work patterns
B) Fixed or flexible “Supports fixed shift/flexible scheduling
Supports cloning of previous week schedule”
C) Staff Borrowing Supports borrowing of staff from other work sites
2) Time tracking Devices/Apps to automatically track employee time during work
A) Facial recognition Wall mount facial recognition device that supports: Facial, fingerprint, card or ID/Password authentication.
Korean made device
B) Fingerprint Wall mount fingerprint device that supports: fingerprint, Mifare card or ID/Password authentication.
C) Mobile Attendance We support 2 version of mobile attendance.
a. Supports both iOS and Android
b. Support geo fencing capability
c. ID/Password authentication with selfie capture
B. AGHRM Attendance
a. Supports Android only
b. Support geo fencing capability
c. Fingerprint authentication with external USB fingerprint device or ID/Password
3) Attendance
3) Attendance
A) Daily or weekly computation of overtime Automatic computation of Overtime based on daily or weekly overtime payment rules
B) Weekend/Off/Rest/Public holiday computation Automatic computation of OT1.0, OT1.5, OT2.0 for weekend/off/rest or public holidays
C) Daily allowance Supports attendance, transport, meal, shift and other types of allowances
D) Lateness Penalty deduction for latest with tolerence (if any)
E) Absence management Automatic generation of suspect AWOL list if employee has been scheduled for work but did not clock in any authorised locations and has no valid leave covering his/her absence.
F) OT approval a. Online approval of overtime by Managers
b. Supports up to 2 level of OT approval
G) Integration to payroll Interface to payroll for approved attendance
H)eAttendance Employees are able to view their schedule as well as attendance records online
Available in web and mobile version